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Partner With Us

As a leading provider of integrated solutions, we collaborate with a diverse network of partners to offer a comprehensive suite of services. If you represent an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telecommunications company, Carrier, Managed Service Provider (MSP), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Systems Integrator, Distributor, or Professional Service Provider, we invite you to explore the opportunities for collaboration within our supplier ecosystem.

Why Partner with AIRX?


  • Join our extensive network of partners, tapping into a wide array of industries and markets.

  • Benefit from the exposure to diverse business environments.


  • Showcase your services to a broader audience through our aggregated service model.

  • Collaborate with other top-tier providers to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients.


  • Engage in a partnership that fosters mutual growth and success.

  • Leverage our reach to expand your business and enhance your market presence.

Supplier Categories

Explore the various supplier categories that contribute to our dynamic ecosystem:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Telecommunications Companies
Global/Regional Wholesale Carriers
Networking Hardware Distributors
Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
Professional Service Providers

Supplier Onboarding Process

Submit your interest in becoming a supplier partner through our online form.

Thanks for submitting!

Needs Assessment

Our team will review your services and assess the alignment with our business objectives.

Partnership Agreement

Successful applicants will engage in a partnership agreement negotiation.

Integration and Collaboration

Integrate your services into our platform for seamless collaboration.

Get Started

If you are ready to explore the possibilities of joining our supplier network, express your interest today. For any inquiries or to discuss partnership opportunities, contact our Supplier Relations team at

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